An ATG form is defined by the dsp:form tag, which typically encloses DSP tags that specify form elements, such as dsp:input that provide direct access to Nucleus component properties. For example, the following JSP embeds a form that accesses the properties in the Student_01 component:

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="dsp" %>
<%@ taglib uri='' prefix='c' %>


<head><title>Form Entry</title></head>
<body><h1>Form Entry</h1>

   <dsp:form action="/testPages/showStudentProperties.jsp" method="POST">
     <p>Name: <dsp:input bean="/samples/" type="text"/>
     <p>Age: <dsp:input bean="/samples/Student_01.age" type="text" value="30"/>
     <p><dsp:input type="submit" bean="/samples/Student_01.submit"/>
      value="Click to submit"/>


In this form, two input tags are associated with the name and age properties of the Nucleus component /samples/Student_01. When this page is displayed, the field for the name property is filled in with its current value; the field for the age property specifies the value attribute, so that value is displayed instead of the current property value.

The form user can enter new values in these fields and submit the form. On submission, the values entered in the form replace the current values of the specified properties, and showStudentProperties.jsp is invoked, as specified by the form tag’s action attribute.

Note: The dsp:form tag requires you to specify the action attribute.

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