<dsp:setxml value="{true|false}" [useXmlParamDelimiter="{true|false}"] />



Determines how to format the remaining page:


Specifies the delimiter used by DynamoHTTPServletRequest.addQueryParam to separate query parameters that exist in the page after this tag:

If no delimiter value is specified by a dsp:setxml or dsp:page tag in this page or one of its parents, the ATG platform uses the delimiter associated with the page’s MIME type.

Usage Notes

dsp:setxml lets you specify whether to generate XML or HTML from tag attributes on a given page. By default, tags use the XML formatting:

<sometag selected="selected">

If generated as HTML, the attribute value is omitted and assumes true unless otherwise specified:

<sometag selected>

HTML tags do not require closing tags; XML tags require one of the following formats:

Based on tag placement, you might designate parts of a page to use HTML formatting and other parts to use XML. You can also set the output format for the entire page with the xml attribute of dsp:page.


<dsp:tomap bean="BrowserAttributes" var="browser"/>
<c:if value="${browser.Mosiac}">
    <dsp:setxml value="false"/>

This example checks to see if the browser that made the request is a Mosaic browser. Because Mosaic is an old browser, it might have trouble handling XML-styled attributes so when a Mosaic browser makes a request, the dsp:setxml tag sets the attribute style to HTML.

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