The Properties tab in the Component Editor displays all of the properties defined for the open component. If the component is “live” (indicated by a red dot), the Properties tab shows two columns of property values: Configured Value and Live Value. (Otherwise, it displays the Configured Value column only.) The configured value is the value specified by the component’s properties file; the live value is the current value, which may be different from the configured value. If you want to view read-only properties, select the Include read-only properties checkbox. Read-only properties appear grayed-out to indicate that they are unavailable for editing.

Note: Not all component properties appear by default in the Component Editor. Certain “expert level” properties are visible only if you choose Tools > Preferences from the ACC window and select the Show expert-level information checkbox in the Edit Preferences dialog box.

To edit component properties:

Setting Property Values to Other Components

You can set property values for the component you are editing by linking them to other components or component properties. This lets you set a property value in one component, and have its value immediately reflected in the linked properties of other components.

To link to another component or component property:

Unlinking Component Properties

To unlink component properties:

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