You can see all JSPs in ATG products through the Pages and Components task area of the ATG Control Center. Open the J2EE Pages document browser to view a listing of all J2EE projects and the applications they contain:


Item Type


J2EE project

ATG platform module that holds one or more J2EE applications.

J2EE application

ATG application that’s part of a J2EE project. To use a particular J2EE application, you start up the J2EE project that contains it.

After you select an application, you can see its folders and documents. Each document type has its own icon:


Document Type

File extensions

JSP document

.jsp and .jspf

HTML document

.html or .htm

XML document


Plain text file


Image file

.gif, .jpg, or .jpeg

File of any other type


When you select a folder or document, you can see its path relative to the Web application root directory in the information panel at the bottom of the screen.


Using the toolbar and menus at the top of the screen, you can take care of common file management tasks like copying, pasting, deleting, etc. You can open documents in the Document Editor, and preview them in your Web browser. Double-click on the document you want to edit or click the Open Document button. See Appendix E, ATG Document Editor for more information.

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