Click Components By Module to see the components within a particular category and module. A category describes a component’s particular function, such as caching or logging. ATG Control Center uses the following icons to represent the different types of components within each category:


Component Type

ATG Servlet Bean

Form Handler

Database Connection Pool


Profile Group


SQL Query



Browser Type

Data Listener

Log Listener

Pipeline Servlet

Generic component

A module is a higher level grouping of components based on general functionality. The standard module Local contains custom components that you create in the ATG Control Center, or by writing .properties files by hand. If your ATG software includes solutions in addition to the ATG platform, the Components window displays these modules too.

In Components By Module view, the Components window displays three panels:

Filtering components list

To see all Nucleus components, select [all modules] and [all categories]. You can also filter the list of components by selecting a specific module and category. For example, if you select the Dynamo module and Caching category, the Components list contains Dynamo’s two standard caching components: FileCache and LRUByteCache. When you select a component from this list, the information panel at the bottom of the Components window displays the component’s full path name, class, scope and description. For example:

Class: atg.service.filecache.FileCache
Scope: global
Description: A cache of file date by file name

To get more detailed information about a component, opening it in the Component Editor: double-click on the component or choose File | Open Component. For more information about the Component Editor and configuring Nucleus components, see Configuring Nucleus Components.

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