The following table lists operations that are supported by MultiProfileAddFormHandler and MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler that can be specified for form submission:




Valid only for MultiProfileAddFormHandler, creates a group of user profiles with the profile properties specified in the form.


Updates a group of user profiles with the properties specified in the form.


Deletes a group of user profiles.


Cancels any unsubmitted changes to form values.


Clears the value Dictionary.

For example:

<dsp:input bean="MultiProfileAddFormHandler.create" type="submit"
   value="Add New Users"/>

Calling the clear operation automatically

After a user submits profile data or deletes user profiles, the form handler automatically calls its clear operation, if the following properties are set:

The clear operation clears the temporary value Dictionary. This prevents leftover keys from corrupting another form if the user enters new data. This method is useful for session-scoped form: the form can safely retain information across multiple pages in its value Dictionary for a given session, and ensure that the data is cleared on form submission. To call the clear operation on a form, insert this line immediately after the dsp:form tag:

<dsp:setvalue bean="MultipleProfileAddFormHandler.clear" value=""/>

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