Embeds a page fragment in a JSP.

<dsp:include {page="page-spec" | src="page-spec[otherContext="context"]}



Sets the page’s path and file name in two ways:


Sets the page’s path and file name. The src attribute can specify a page in another Web application if one of the following is true:

For more information, see Invoking Pages in Other Web Applications.


identifies a context path that is not specified in the application’s web.xml; valid with the src attribute.


Specifies the character set to use when bytes are converted to characters. The default setting character set is ISO-8859-1.

Usage Notes

dsp:include lets you embed a page fragment in a JSP just as you can with the JSP include tag. It is also possible to pass page parameters from the parent page to the included page using this tag.

For information on other methods for embedding documents, see Included Pages.


<dsp:include otherContext="/myOtherWebApp"

The SophomoreRegistration.jsp page is embedded in the parent page.

For more information about using dsp:include, see Included Pages.

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