Web application forms are commonly used to view and update database data. The atg.repository.servlet.RepositoryFormHandler class provides methods and properties for working with repository items. You can use a component of this class to add, update, and delete repository items that use the same item descriptor. A RepositoryFormHandler can be used with any repository type: HTML, XML, LDAP, and SQL.

The ATG platform also provides the class atg.droplet.sql.SimpleSQLFormHandler, which supports direct interaction with an SQL database. For more information about this form handler, see Appendix C, SimpleSQLFormHandler.

Note: Depending on the contents of your ATG software, your installation might include components that are based on a subclass of RepositoryFormHandler.

The RepositoryFormHandler offers several benefits:

  • Requires only the repository item type for updates.

  • Supports all repository types: HTML, XML, LDAP, and SQL.

  • Caches repository data.

  • Optimizes data access.

Before reading this chapter, you should have a basic understanding of repositories, components, forms, and form handlers. The following table shows where to review these topics:




ATG Repository Guide

Components, form handlers, GenericFormHandler class

ATG Platform Programming Guide

You might use a RepositoryFormHandler in a customer service application that requires internal employees to manage inventory. For example, a Web site that sells music might have an administration interface for tracking in-stock items. The site accesses a music repository, which defines three item descriptors: CDs, Artists, and Songs. This site requires three RepositoryFormHandler components, one for each item descriptor.

This chapter covers the following topics:

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