Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015

Preliminary Steps

To prepare for the implementation of multi-node OpenStack configuration, note the following considerations:

  • If you use multiple network interfaces in a single OpenStack node or system, create host names for these network interfaces.

    For example, you might have separate interfaces to handle the OpenStack administrative and API traffic (OpenStack network), the traffic between compute nodes and the L3 router (tenant network), and traffic with the larger network outside your cloud configuration (external network). You would therefore create corresponding host names for each, such as host-on, host-tn, and host-en.

    Ensure that all these host names and IP addresses are included in the node's /etc/hosts file or in the DNS configuration.

  • To facilitate the configuration of OpenStack services, set variables such as the following:

    • $CONTROLLER_ADMIN_NODE - the host name of the interface or IP address in the Controller node to which OpenStack administrative services are attached.

    • $CONTROLLER_ADMIN_NODE_IP - the IP address of the Controller port that handles the OpenStack administrative services and traffic.

    • $COMPUTE_ADMIN_NODE_IP - the IP address of the Compute port that handles the OpenStack administrative services and traffic.

    • $VOLUME_IP - the host name of the Storage node.

  • Ensure also that passwords are available to be assigned as needed.

To better manage memory use between ZFS and applications in Oracle Solaris 11, set the usr_reserve_hint_pct parameter on the node, as shown in the following example:

# echo "set user_reserve_hint_pct=80" >>/etc/system.d/site:kernel-zones-reserve
# reboot

where site can refer to your company.

You should set this parameter on the different OpenStack nodes as well.

For more information about this parameter, log in to your MOS account in and review Document 1663862.1, Memory Management Between ZFS and Applications in Oracle Solaris 11.2.