Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015

Examining Log Files

SMF services and various Solaris processes produce log files where you can look for error messages or gather more information about messages that were displayed on the screen. SMF service log files contain valuable debugging information.

Depending on the problem, log files for the nova-compute, nova-scheduler, and neutron-server SMF services are often helpful. Use the svcs -L command to find the name of an SMF service log file.

$ svcs -L neutron-server

As a privileged user, you can use the svcs -Lv command to view the log file for the service.

# svcs -Lv neutron-server

The svcs -xv command shows the state of the service as well as the name of the log file.

$ svcs -xv neutron-server
svc:/application/openstack/neutron/neutron-server:default (OpenStack Neutron Network Service)
 State: online since Fri Jul 25 12:11:16 2014
   See: /var/svc/log/application-openstack-neutron-neutron-server:default.log
Impact: None.

In addition to SMF service log files, OpenStack services produce log files, and many Solaris processes have their own log files. Some OpenStack services log information under their OpenStack service name in the /var/log directory. For example, OpenStack image store log files are in /var/log/glance. If you are having problems with creating and booting a VM instance, look in the /var/log/zones directory.

Most OpenStack configuration files are under the OpenStack service name in the /etc directory. For example, OpenStack networking configuration files are in /etc/neutron. Configuration files for Horizon are in /etc/openstack_dashboard.

To receive more information in the log file for an OpenStack service, set the verbose option in the configuration file for that service. The configuration file might already have the verbose option set to false or commented out. Uncomment or add the verbose option and set verbose=true. You can similarly set debug=true in the configuration file to see more output from operations affected by that configuration file. See tables of configuration options in “Common Configuration Parameters for OpenStack” in Getting Started with OpenStack on Oracle Solaris 11.2 and in the OpenStack Configuration Reference on the OpenStack documentation site.

Similar to setting debug=true in a configuration file, individual OpenStack service commands can take a --debug option.

Assume the appropriate RBAC profile to view OpenStack service log files or to use the pfedit command to modify OpenStack service configuration files. The following profiles can be assigned:

  • OpenStack Block Storage Management

  • OpenStack Compute Management

  • OpenStack Identity Management

  • OpenStack Image Management

  • OpenStack Network Management

  • OpenStack Object Storage Management

  • OpenStack Management