Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015
Chapter 2

Installing an Evaluation Configuration

For evaluation purposes, you can install OpenStack on a single Oracle Solaris system. This type of OpenStack installation is also called a single-node installation. The OpenStack version can be either Havana or Juno, depending on the Oracle Solaris on the system.

For a description of a multi-node OpenStack installation, see Chapter 3, Installing Across Multiple Systems for a Multi-node Havana OpenStack Configuration or Chapter 4, Installing Across Multiple Systems for a Multi-node Juno OpenStack Configuration.

This chapter describes how to install a single node by using a Unified Archive, and how to easily create VM instances by using a browser interface. This chapter covers the following topics:

Note -  The contents of this chapter apply to both Havana and Juno versions unless indicated otherwise.