Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015

Deploying the OpenStack Unified Archive

The Unified Archives download page provides the option of downloading only the Oracle Solaris archive or Oracle Solaris with OpenStack archive.

The Oracle Solaris archive with OpenStack installs both the operating system and all of the OpenStack services as listed in How OpenStack Is Integrated Into Oracle Solaris.

The Oracle Solaris OpenStack Unified Archive provides the following features:

  • OpenStack services that are mostly preconfigured, decreasing the amount of configuration work that you need to perform

  • Scripts that automate additional configuration that needs to be performed

  • Solaris system templates

  • A Glance image store preloaded with two images: a non-global zone and a kernel zone

You can deploy the OpenStack Unified Archive on either a bare-metal system or a kernel zone. See Installing the Single System for options.