Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015

Installing and Configuring Neutron on the Controller Node

In the architecture described in this chapter, the Neutron API service runs on the Controller node. To enable this service to communicate with the EVS controller installed on the Network node, public SSH keys for the for the Controller's neutron user must be deposited on the Network node's evsuser user's authorized_keys file.

How to Install and Configure Neutron

  1. Install the Neutron package.
    controller# pkg install neutron
  2. Create an SSH public key on the Controller node for the neutron user.

    This key will enable the Neutron API service to access the EVS controller.

    Use the ssh-keygen command as the neutron user, and create the key for the neutron user.

    controller# su - neutron \
    -c "ssh-keygen -N '' -f /var/lib/neutron/.ssh/id_rsa -t rsa"
  3. Copy the key to the EVS controller node.

    Copy the SSH public key generated in the previous step, /var/lib/neutron/.ssh/, to the node where the EVS controller is running. This key is referenced when you configure the EVS controller.

  4. Set parameters in the Neutron configuration file.

    Specify Keystone authentication information and the location of the RabbitMQ service. In the /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file, uncomment and set the following parameters:

    rabbit_host = controller-name
    auth_uri = http://controller-name:5000/v2.0
    identity_uri = http://controller-name:35357
    admin_tenant_name = service
    admin_user = neutron
    admin_password = neutron-password
  5. Specify the location of the EVS controller.
    1. Get the location of the EVS controller.

      Use the IP address of the Network node with the getent hosts command to get the name of the Network node:

      network# getent hosts network-IP
      network-IP network-name
    2. Set the location of the EVS controller.

      In the /etc/neutron/plugins/evs/evs_plugin.ini file, uncomment or set the following parameters. Use the output from the getent hosts command to set the location of the EVS controller:

      evs_controller = ssh://evsuser@network-name
      sql_connection = path-to-database
  6. Enable the Neutron server service.
    controller# svcadm enable neutron-server