Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015

Installing and Configuring Heat

Heat is OpenStack's orchestration engine that enables you to deploy cloud applications based on templates that you create. You install Heat on the same node as Keystone.

How to Configure Heat

Before You Begin

You must configure Keystone first as described in the How to Install and Configure Keystone before performing this task.

  1. Install the Heat package.
    controller# pkg install heat
  2. Run the Heat setup script.
    # /usr/demo/openstack/keystone/heat-keystone-setup
  3. Edit /etc/heat/api-past.ini by updating the following information in the file.
    # Auth middleware that validates token against keystone
    paste.filter_factory = heat.common.auth_token:filter_factory 
    auth_uri = http://controller-IP:5000/v2.0 
    identity_uri = http://controller-IP:35357 
    admin_tenant_name = keystone 
    admin_user = heat 
    admin_password = heat-password
  4. Enable the heat service.
    # svcadm enable -rs heat-api heat-db heat-engine heat-api-cfn heat-api-cloudwatch