Installing and Configuring OpenStack in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: April 2015

How to Create and Associate Floating IP Addresses as a Tenant User

This procedure is performed by a tenant user using the OpenStack Horizon dashboard.

  1. Log into the OpenStack Dashboard.

    Log in as described in How to Access the OpenStack Dashboard, using the credentials of the tenant user.

  2. Select Project → Access & Security → Floating IPs.
  3. Select the external network name.
  4. Click the Allocate IP button.

    The Floating IPs tab displays an allocated floating IP address.

  5. Click the Associate button.
  6. Select the port of the VM instance from the pull-down menu.

    The Project → Instances window shows that the floating IP address is associated with the VM instance.

    If you had selected a keypair (SSH Public Key) while launching a VM instance, then that SSH key would be added into the authorized_keys file for the root user in the VM instance.

  7. Log into the running VM instance.
    # ssh root@IP-address

    where IP-address is the floating IP address that is associated with the VM instance.

    After logging in, you can use the instance as you would normally do with other systems such as installing applications, and so on.

    global# ssh root@
    Last login: Fri Jul 18 00:37:39 2014 from
    Oracle Corporation      SunOS 5.11      11.2     June 2014
    root@host-192-168-101-3:~# uname -a
    SunOS host-192-168-101-3 5.11 11.2 i86pc i386 i86pc
    root@host-192-168-101-3:~# zoneadm list -cv
    ID NAME              STATUS      PATH                 BRAND      IP    
     2 instance-00000001 running     /                    solaris    excl 
    root@host-192-168-101-3:~# ipadm
    NAME             CLASS/TYPE STATE     UNDER      ADDR
    lo0              loopback   ok        --         --
       lo0/v4        static     ok        --
       lo0/v6        static     ok        --         ::1/128
    net0             ip         ok        --         --
       net0/dhcp     inherited  ok        --