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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Turn On the Locator Indicator Remotely (Oracle ILOM CLI)

Before going to the server, you can activate the server Locator indicator to help you identify the server in the rack.

  1. Open an SSH session and at the command line log in to the SP Oracle ILOM CLI.

    Log in as a user with root or administrator privileges. For example:

    ssh root@ipadress

    where ipadress is the IP address of the server module SP.

    For more information, see Accessing Oracle ILOM in Oracle X4 Series Servers Administration Guide.

    The Oracle ILOM CLI prompt appears:


  2. To turn on the Locator indicator, type the following command at the prompt:

    set /System/ locator_indicator=on

    Note -  To turn off the Locator indicator, type: set /System/ locator_indicator=off
  3. To verify the status of the Locator indicator, type:

    show /System/ locator_indicator

    The output of the command appears:



    locator_indicator = Off

    The value locator_indicator shows the status as either On or Off.