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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Power Modes, Shutdowns, and Resets

This section contains information about power modes, server shutdowns, and server resets.

Full Power Mode

Full power mode is the normal operational mode for the server. When the server enters full power mode, power is supplied to all the server components, the server boots, and the operating system (OS) functions. You achieve full power mode by pressing the Power button on the server front panel when the server is in standby power mode. You can also achieve full power mode by powering on the server from Oracle ILOM. Once the server is operating in full power mode, the Power OK and service processor (SP) indicators are on steady.

Standby Power Mode

Standby power is a non-operating mode (OS does not boot), in which low-level power is supplied only to the components that are required to run the SP. To enter standby power mode, connect the AC power cables to the back of the server, but do not press the front panel Power button. You can also enter standby power mode by powering off the server (from full power mode) using one of the power-off methods. In standby power mode, the SP indicator blinks quickly while the SP is booting. Once the SP has booted, the indicator is on steady, and the Power OK indicator flashes.

Graceful Shutdown

A graceful shutdown (also referred to as an orderly shutdown) is the safest method of shutting down the server to standby power mode because it warns users, closes files, and prepares the file system. To perform a graceful shutdown use the server OS, Oracle ILOM, or the server front panel Power button.

Immediate Shutdown

An immediate shutdown of the server (also referred to as an emergency shutdown) should be used only in situations when you know that the loss of data is nonexistent or acceptable. An immediate shutdown does not warn users, does not properly close files, nor does it prepare the file system for shut down to standby power mode.

Complete Power Removal

Shutting down the server from full power mode to standby power mode does not completely remove power from the server. When it is in standby power mode, the server is in a low-power state. This low-power state is enough to maintain the service processor (SP), which runs Oracle ILOM. To completely remove power from the server, you need to remove the power cords.

Warm Reset or Reboot

A warm reset is a reboot or restart of the server. It involves cycling the server power from full power mode to standby power mode and back to full power mode. For example, a warm reset might be required after a software or firmware update or when you want to launch Oracle System Assistant or the BIOS Setup Utility.

Cold Reset

A cold reset of the server is a restart of the server from a completely powered-off state. A cold reset might be required to resolve a system issue. To perform a cold reset, place the server in standby power mode, disconnect the server from its power source by performing a complete power removal (see above), wait 30-60 seconds, and then connect the server to its power source.

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