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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Component Serviceability Requirements

The following tables list component serviceability considerations, including whether a component is hot or cold serviceable, and whether a component is a customer-replaceable unit (CRU) or a field-replaceable unit (FRU).

  • Hot service components can be serviced while the server is powered on and running in full-power mode or while the server is powered off.

  • Warm service components can be serviced while the server is in standby power mode. These include CMODs, DIMMs, and processors and heatsinks on systems equipped with SW 1.1 and Oracle ILOM or newer.

  • Cold service components must be serviced when the server is completely powered off and disconnected from the power source.

A CRU or FRU designation is a serviceability requirement that refers to service qualifications. A component designated as a FRU needs to be serviced by a qualified Oracle Service person. This qualification is not required for servicing a CRU component.