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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Remove a DIMM

Use this procedure to remove DIMMs for a memory upgrade or a configuration change or when you need to physically reset a DIMM in its slot (removal and installation). For replacing a failed DIMM, see Replace a Failed DIMM.

Tip  -  For an overview video about replacing a failed DIMM, see Replacing DIMMs.

Before You Begin

  1. Prepare the server for warm or cold service.
  2. Remove the CMOD. See Remove a CMOD.
  3. To remove the CMOD top cover, push the release button, slide the cover away from the front of the CMOD, and lift it off the CMOD.

    See Remove and Install the CMOD Cover.


    Caution  -  Component damage. CMOD components are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Wear a wrist strap and use an anti-static wrist mat.

    image:An illustration showing how to remove the CMOD cover.
  4. To locate the DIMM slot, use the DIMM designation information.
  5. To remove the failed DIMM from its slot, simultaneously rotate the two DIMM slot levers outward to their fully open position.

    This action extracts the DIMM from its connector.

  6. Remove the DIMM from the CMOD.

Next Steps