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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Remove the SMOD

This is a cold-service component. Disconnect the AC power cables from the server before performing this procedure.

Perform this procedure to access internal SMOD components, such as the HBA card, the internal USB ports, and the system battery.

Access this component directly from the rear of the server.

Before You Begin

  • For component serviceability, locations, and designations, see About System Components.

  • Obtain labels and a pen for labeling cables.

  1. Prepare the server for cold service. See Prepare the Server for Cold Service.
  2. Label and disconnect all cables from the SMOD.
  3. Disengage the SMOD from the server midplane.
    1. To unlock the SMOD handles, squeeze together the release latches on the end of both handles.

      The unlocking action is accompanied by an audible click.

      image:An illustration showing how to unlock the SMOD                                         handles.
    2. To disengage the SMOD from the server midplane, simultaneously, rotate both handles downward to their fully-open position.

      This action disengages the connectors on the SMOD from the connectors on the server midplane.


    Caution  -  Physical harm or component damage. Do not use the SMOD handles to remove the SMOD from the server.

  4. To remove the SMOD, grab it by its sides and slide it out the server.
    image:An illustration showing the removal of the SMOD.

Next Steps