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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Install a PSU

Access this component directly from the front of the server. Use this procedure when replacing a failed PSU or after having serviced the FIM.

Before You Begin

  1. Prepare the server for hot service. See Prepare the Server for Hot Service.

    Alternatively, to prepare the server for cold service, see Prepare the Server for Cold Service.

  2. Ensure that the AC power cord for the power supply slot is connected and secured.

    The power cord connects at the back of the server.

  3. Ensure that the power supply lever is in its fully open position.
    1. To open the power supply lever, squeeze together the two green release latches at the end of the lever and rotate the lever to the left.
  4. Align the power supply with its slot.

    Ensure that the connector end of the PSU is at the opening of the slot and that the open hinge on the front of the PSU is at the bottom and to the left.

  5. Slide the power supply into the slot until it stops.
    image:An illustration showing the installation of the power supply                                 into its slot.
  6. To install the power supply, rotate the lever to the right.

    The pawl at the hinged end of the lever engages the sidewall of the server and provides the pivot point for the leverage necessary to draw the power supply into the slot and engage the internal connector.


    Caution  -  Pinch point. Keep your fingers clear of the back side of the lever.

    image:An illustration showing the power supply locking lever                                 closing.
  7. Verify that the green Power OK indicator on the power supply indicator panel turns on steady and that the amber Service Action Required indicator is not lit.

    The Service Action Required indicator lights when the component is in a fault state.

    image:An illustration showing the indicator panel on the front of the                                 power supply.

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