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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Remove the FIM

Access this component directly from the front of the server. Remove the FIM when you need to replace it.

Before You Begin

  1. Prepare the server for cold service. See Prepare the Server for Cold Service.
  2. Remove the topmost power supply (PSU 3). See Remove a PSU.
  3. To unlock the FIM, reach into the vacant power supply slot, locate the release latch on the underside of the FIM, and push the latch upward.
    image:An illustration showing the release latch on the underside of                                 the FIM.
  4. To remove the FIM, press and hold the release latch and slide the FIM completely out of its slot.
    image:An illustration showing the removal of the FIM from the                                 server.

Next Steps