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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Install a CMOD

Use this procedure to install a CMOD after replacing it or after servicing its internal components.

Before You Begin

  1. Ensure that the CMOD lever is in the fully-open position.
    1. Squeeze together the green tabs on the end of the lever.
    2. Rotate the lever downward and away from the CMOD.
  2. Position the CMOD in the slot.
    image:An illustration showing the CMOD aligned with its slot in the                                 server.
  3. On the front-facing side, ensure that the hinge for the lever is at the bottom.
    image:An illustration showing the installation of the CMOD into its                                 slcot.
  4. Slide the CMOD into the slot until it stops.

    In this position, the pawl at the lever hinge is aligned with the slot in the server.

  5. To install the CMOD, rotate the lever upward until it locks into place and is flush with the front of the CMOD.


    Caution  -  Pinch point. When operating the lever, keep your fingers clear of the back side and hinged end of the lever.

    The action of rotating the lever upward draws the CMOD into the slot and engages the CMOD connector with the connector on the midplane.

    image:An illustration showing how to install a CMOD in a                                 chassis.
  6. Install the fan frame. See Install a Fan Frame.
  7. Install the four fan modules. See Install a Fan Module.
  8. Prepare the server for operation. See Returning the Server to Operation.