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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Install an Internal USB Drive

This is an internal component that is accessible from the rear of the server by removing the SMOD. Perform this procedure to access and install internal USB flash drives.

Before You Begin

  1. Prepare the server for cold service. See Prepare the Server for Cold Service.
  2. Remove the SMOD. See Remove the SMOD.
  3. Set the SMOD on a flat surface with the front side facing toward you.
  4. Close the SMOD handles.
  5. Rotate the SMOD 180 degrees so the back (connector) side is facing toward you.
  6. Turn the SMOD upside down and locate the HBA card.

    Note -  The connector (back) side of the SMOD should still be facing you.

    The USB flash drive ports are located inside the SMOD next to the HBA card.

  7. To install the USB drive, insert it into its slot.

    If you are installing Oracle System Assistant, place it in the upper slot (USB port 0).

  8. If you replaced the Oracle System Assistant USB flash drive, reinstall Oracle System Assistant on the new USB flash drive.

    For instructions, see the Oracle X4 Series Servers Administration Guide at https://www.oracle.com/goto/x86admindiag/docs.

Next Steps