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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Prepare the Server for Hot Service

Note -  The steps in this remote procedure use the Oracle ILOM web interface. However, the procedure can also be performed remotely using the Oracle ILOM CLI interface (for more information, refer to the Oracle ILOM documentation).

A hot-service component can be serviced while the server is operating at full-power mode. For more information about component serviceability, see Component Serviceability Requirements.

This procedure describes how to prepare the server to remove, replace, or install the following hot-service components:

  • Fan modules

  • Power supplies

  • Storage drives

  • Dual PCIe Card Carriers (DPCCs)

Before You Begin

  1. Log in to the service processor Oracle ILOM web interface.

    Direct a web browser to Oracle ILOM using the IP address of the server SP and log in as root or a as user with administrator privileges. See Oracle X4 Series Servers Administration Guide.

    The Summary screen appears.

  2. In the Actions section of the Summary screen, click the Locator Indicator Turn On button.

    This action activates the Locator indicator on the server front panel. For other options, see Managing the Locator Indicator.

  3. Once at the service location, press the Locator indicator button to deactivate the indicator. For more information, see Control the Locator Indicator Locally.
  4. Set up an ESD-safe space at the service location.

    Set up a space where you can set components. The space needs to be ESD safe. See Performing Electrostatic Discharge and Static Prevention Measures.

Next Steps