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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Remove the HBA Card

This is an internal component that is accessible from the rear of the server by removing the SMOD. The host bus adapter (HBA) card is installed in an internal PCIe slot mounted on the SMOD motherboard. Perform this procedure to replace the HBA card.

Before You Begin

For component serviceability, locations, and designations, see About System Components.

  1. Prepare the server for cold service. See Prepare the Server for Cold Service.
  2. Remove the SMOD. See Remove the SMOD.
  3. Set the SMOD on a flat surface with the front side facing toward you.
  4. Close the SMOD handles.
  5. Label and remove the storage drives. See Remove a Storage Drive.
  6. Rotate the SMOD 180 degrees so the back (connector) side is facing toward you.
  7. Turn the SMOD upside down and locate the HBA.

    Note -  The connector (back) side of the SMOD should still be facing you.

    The HBA is located inside the SMOD and is accessible through the an upward-facing opening on the right side. In the following illustration, call out 2 shows the location of the HBA card and call out 3 shows the card locking lever (call out 1 shows the location of the USB flash drive).

    image:An illustration with call outs showing the components on                                     the underside of the SMOD.
  8. To unlock the HBA card, rotate the green release handle downward.

    The handle is on the right (vertical) side of the SMOD. To access it, you might need to push it outward from the inside.

    image:An illustration showing the unlocking lever.
  9. To disconnect the HBA card from its connector on the SMOD motherboard, pull the card toward you.

    Note -  The two storage drive backplane cables are still attached to the card.

    Two cables with mini SAS4I connectors connect the HBA to the storage drive backplane.

    image:An illustration showing the removal of the HBA card from                                     its slot.
  10. Carefully lift the card up, and pull it slightly away from the SMOD until the cable connectors are visible.
  11. Disconnect the cables from the card.

    Note -  Do not disconnect the cables from the SMOD.

    image:An illustration showing the removal of the HBA and the SAS                                     cables.
  12. Remove the HBA card from the SMOD.
    image:An illustration showing the removal of the HBA                                     card.

Next Steps