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Sun Server X4-8 Service Manual

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Updated: March 2018

Remove a Fan Module

Access this component directly from the front of the server. Remove a fan module (FM) to replace it when it has failed, or remove it as part of the process for accessing CMODs. FMs are hot-service components; however, accessing CMODs is a warm or cold-service procedure (for more information, see Remove a CMOD).

Before You Begin

  1. Prepare the server for hot service. See Prepare the Server for Hot Service.

    Alternatively, to prepare the server for warm or cold service, see Prepare the Server for Cold Service or Prepare the Server for Warm Service.

  2. Identify the fan module by its position and designation or, if it is in a failed state, by its steady on Service Action Required indicator.

    A fan in a failed state has a lit amber-color Service Action Required indicator.

    image:An illustration showing the indicator panel on the front of the                                 fan module.
  3. To unlock the fan module, push in the green release button.


    Caution  -  Data Loss. Do not remove more than one fan module from a column while the system is in full power mode. This action removes power from the CMODs and causes an immediate shutdown. On an eight-CMOD system, this applies to all fan modules. On a four-CMOD system, this applies to the fan modules in the left-hand fan frame (CMODs 0-3).

    image:An illustration showing the unlock button on the front of the                                 fan module.
  4. To remove the fan module, pull it out of the slot.


    Caution  -  Electrical hazard. During a hot-service procedure, voltage is present. Do not reach into the vacant fan module slot with your hand or any object. Do not touch the exposed CMOD fan module power connector.

    When the fan is removed from the slot, a hinged air vane drops down to close the slot. The vane maintains system cooling and prevents a disruption of server airflow during hot service.


    Caution  -  Server over-temperature. The slot's air vane maintains system cooling by preventing a disruption of server airflow. Do not open the air vane when the system is running.

    image:An illustration showing the removal of a fan module.

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