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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

How Zone State Affects Package Operations

The following table describes what will happen when packaging commands are used on a system with non-global zones in various states.

Zone State
Effect on Package Operations
Package tools can be run. No software has been installed yet.
If zoneadm is operating on the zone, package tools should not be used. If no zoneadm process is operating on the zone, package operations are safe to run, but no software in this zone will be changed and any software in the zone will not affect dependency resolution.
The software image within the zone is not accessible. The software image will not be changed, nor will it affect dependency resolution.
Package tools can be run.
Note that immediately after zoneadm –z zonename install has completed, the zone is also moved to the installed state.
Package tools can be run.
Package tools can be run.

A non-global zone transitions to the unavailable state when the storage for the zone is not accessible or when the image of the zone, which is described in pkg (5) , is out of sync with the global zone's image. This state transition occurs to prevent a problem that is affecting a non-global zone from blocking package operations in the global zone.

When a zone's storage is temporarily unavailable and package operations that change the version of installed software occur, it is likely that after fixing the storage problem, the zone might need to be attached by using one of the solaris brand's attach options that allow for updates. For example, zoneadm -z zonename attach -u might be required to synchronize versions of critical software between the global zone and a non-global zone that is in the unavailable state.