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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

Interactive and Non-Interactive Modes

Two other methods for accessing the zone and for executing commands inside the zone are also provided by the zlogin command. These methods are interactive mode and non-interactive mode.

Interactive Mode

In interactive mode, a new pseudo-terminal is allocated for use inside the zone. Unlike console mode, in which exclusive access to the console device is granted, an arbitrary number of zlogin sessions can be open at any time in interactive mode. Interactive mode is activated when you do not include a command to be issued. Programs that require a terminal device, such as an editor, operate correctly in this mode.

If zone administration is assigned to non-root users and you are a zone administrator logging in interactively, you must be assigned the authorization solaris.zone.login/zonename for the zone. Password authentication takes place in the zone.

Non-Interactive Mode

Non-interactive mode is used to run shell scripts which administer the zone. Non-interactive mode does not allocate a new pseudo-terminal. Non-interactive mode is enabled when you supply a command to be run inside the zone.

For non-interactive logins, or to bypass password authentication, the authorization solaris.zone.manage/zonename is required.