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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

How to Log In to the Zone Console to Perform the Internal Zone Configuration

If a config.xml file was passed to the zoneadm clone, attach, or install commands, this configuration file is used to configure the system. If no config.xml file was provided during the clone, attach, or install operation, then the first boot of the zone will start the SCI Tool on the console.

To avoid missing the initial prompt for configuration information, it is recommended that two terminal windows be used, so that zlogin is running before the zone is booted in a second session.

  1. Become a zone administrator.

    For more information, see Assigning Limited Rights to Zone Administrators.

  2. Use the zlogin command with the –C option and the name of the zone, for example, my-zone.
    global$ zlogin -C my-zone
  3. From another terminal window, boot the zone.
    global$ zoneadm -z my-zone boot

    You will see a display similar to the following in the zlogin terminal window:

    [NOTICE: Zone booting up]
  4. Respond to the series of questions about configuration parameters for your newly installed zone.

    Parameters include system host name, time zone, user and root accounts, and name services. By default, the SCI Tool produces an SMF profile file in /system/volatile/scit_profile.xml.


If the initial SCI screen doesn't appear, you can type Ctrl L to refresh the SCI screen.