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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

System Observability in Zones

When the ps command is run in the global zone, user and group names are resolved using the global zone's name services. Processes running in a non-global zone on the system display user and group names that match the global zone's name services. These global zone names might be different than the names configured in name services in the non-global zones.

    The ps command has the following modifications:

  • The –o option is used to specify output format. This option allows you to print the zone ID of a process or the name of the zone in which the process is running.

  • The –z zonelist option is used to list only processes in the specified zones. Zones can be specified either by zone name or by zone ID. This option is only useful when the command is executed in the global zone.

  • The –Z option is used to print the name of the zone associated with the process. The name is printed under the column heading ZONE.

For more information, see the ps(1) man page.

A –z zonename option has been added to the following Oracle Solaris utilities. You can use this option to filter the information to include only the zone or zones specified.

See Figure 5, Table 5, Commands Modified for Use on an Oracle Solaris System With Zones Installed for the full list of changes made to commands.