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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

How to Verify a Configured Zone Before It Is Installed

You can verify a zone prior to installing it. One of the checks performed is a check for sufficient disk size. If you skip this procedure, the verification is performed automatically when you install the zone.

  1. Become a zone administrator.

    For more information, see Assigning Limited Rights to Zone Administrators.

  2. Verify a configured zone named my-zone by using the –z option with the name of the zone and the verify subcommand.
    global$ zoneadm -z my-zone verify

    This message regarding verification of the zone path will be displayed:

    WARNING: /zones/my-zone does not exist, so it could not be verified.
        When 'zoneadm install' is run, 'install' will try to create
        /zones/my-zone, and 'verify' will be tried again,
        but the 'verify' may fail if:
        the parent directory of /system/zones/my-zone is group- or other-writable
        /system/zones/my-zone overlaps with any other installed zones
        /system/zones/my-zone is not a mountpoint for a zfs file system.

    However, if an error message is displayed and the zone fails to verify, make the corrections specified in the message and try the command again.

    If no error messages are displayed, you can install the zone.

Verifying Zones on Shared Storage

For zones configured on shared storage, zonecfg verify verifies that none of the configured zpool resources are already online on the system, for a zone in the configured state.

For zones configured on shared storage, the zoneadm verify command confirms that all zpools configured as zpool and rootzpool resources are online on the system, for a zone in the installed state. If the resources are not available, the verify fails and information about the failed zpools is displayed.