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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

The zoneadmd Daemon

The zones administration daemon, zoneadmd, is the primary process for managing the zone's virtual platform. The daemon is also responsible for managing zone booting and shutting down. There is one zoneadmd process running for each active (ready, running, or shutting down) zone on the system.

    The zoneadmd daemon sets up the zone as specified in the zone configuration. This process includes the following actions:

  • Allocating the zone ID and starting the zsched system process

  • Setting zone-wide resource controls

  • Preparing the zone's devices as specified in the zone configuration

  • Setting up network interfaces

  • Mounting loopback and conventional file systems

  • Instantiating and initializing the zone console device

If the zoneadmd daemon is not already running, it is automatically started by zoneadm. Thus, if the daemon is not running for any reason, any invocation of zoneadm to administer the zone restarts zoneadmd.

The man page for the zoneadmd daemon is zoneadmd (1M) .