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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

Reporting Active Zone Statistics with the zonestat Utility

To use the zonestat utility, see the zonestat(1) man page and Using the zonestat Utility in a Non-Global Zone.

The zonestat utility reports on the CPU, memory, and resource control utilization of the currently running zones. The zonestat utility prints a series of reports at specified intervals. Optionally, the utility can print one or more summary reports.

The zonestat utility also reports on network bandwidth utilization in exclusive-IP zones. An exclusive-IP zone has its own IP-related state and one or more dedicated data-links.

When run from within a non-global zone, only processor sets visible to that zone are reported. The non-global zone output will include all of the memory resources, and the limits resource.

The zonestat service in the global zone must be online to use the zonestat service in the non-global zones. The zonestat service in each non-global zone reads system configuration and utilization data from the zonestat service in the global zone.

The zonestatd system daemon is started during system boot. The daemon monitors the utilization of system resources by zones, as well as zone and system configuration information such as psrset processor sets, pool processor sets, and resource control settings. There are no configurable components.