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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

About the Unavailable Zone State

In Oracle Solaris, the zone state Unavailable, indicates that the zone is installed but cannot be booted. This state is displayed in the output of the zoneadm list -p command syntax.

 root@initiator:~# zoneadm list -cp

An installed zone with shared storage resources can enter the Unavailable state if the zones framework experiences either failures during the configuration of shared storage resources or failures during ZFS storage pool management.

To move the zone out of the Unavailable state, you must first identify and possibly fix any problems related to shared storage resource connectivity or zone misconfiguration. You can then use the zoneadm attach command to reattach the zone properly and move it into the installed zone state. It is also possible to uninstall a zone with the zoneadm uninstall command to move the zone back into the configured zone state.

For more information about zones states, see Non-Global Zone State Model in Introduction to Oracle Solaris Zones.