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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

Using the zonestat Utility in a Non-Global Zone

The zonestat utility reports on the CPU, memory, network, and resource control utilization of the currently running zones. Usage examples follow.

For complete information, see zonestat(1).

The zonestat network component shows the usage of virtual network (VNIC) resources on PHYS, AGGR, Etherstub, and SIMNET datalinks by zones. Information on other datalinks, such as bridges and tunnels, can be obtained by using the networking utilities described in the dladm(1M) and dlstat(1M) man pages.

All zonestat options and resource types can also be invoked within a non-global zone to display statistics for that zone.

root@zoneA:~# zonestat -z global -r physical-memory 2

Note -  When zonestat is used in a non-global zone, the combined resource usage of all other zones, including the global zone, is reported as used by the global zone. Non-global zone users of zonestat are not aware of the other zones sharing the system.