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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

About Adding Packages in Systems With Zones Installed

On the Oracle Solaris 11 release, use the pkg install command.

# pkg install package_name

Using pkg in the Global Zone

The pkg install command is used in the global zone to add the package to the global zone only. The package is not propagated to any other zones.

Using the pkg install Command in a Non-Global Zone

The pkg install command is used by the zone administrator in the non-global zone to add the package to the non-global zone only. To add a package in a specified non-global zone, execute the pkg install command as the zone administrator.

Package dependencies are handled automatically in IPS.

Adding Additional Packages in a Zone by Using a Custom AI Manifest

The process of adding extra software in a zone at installation can be automated by revising the AI manifest. The specified packages and the packages on which they depend will be installed. The default list of packages is obtained from the AI manifest. The default AI manifest is /usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml. See Adding and Updating Software in Oracle Solaris 11.3 for information on locating and working with packages.

Example 6  Revising the Manifest

The following procedure adds mercurial and a full installation of the vim editor to a configured zone named my-zone.

Note that only the minimal vim-core from solaris-small-server is installed by default.

  1. Copy the default AI manifest to the location where you will edit the file and make it writable.

    # cp /usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml ~/my-zone-ai.xml
    # chmod 644 ~/my-zone-ai.xml
  2. Edit the file, adding the mercurial and vim packages to the software_data section as follows:

      <software_data action="install">
  3. Install the zone.

    # zoneadm -z my-zone install -m ~/my-zone-ai.xml

    The system displays:

    A ZFS file system has been created for this zone.
    Progress being logged to /var/log/zones/zoneadm.20111113T004303Z.my-zone.install
           Image: Preparing at /zones/my-zone/root.
     Install Log: /system/volatile/install.15496/install_log
     AI Manifest: /tmp/manifest.xml.XfaWpE
      SC Profile: /usr/share/auto_install/sc_profiles/enable_sci.xml
        Zonename: my-zone
    Installation: Starting ...
                  Creating IPS image
                  Installing packages from:
                          origin:  http://localhost:1008/solaris/54453f3545de891d4daa841ddb3c844fe8804f55/
    DOWNLOAD                                  PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
    Completed                              169/169 34047/34047  185.6/185.6
    PHASE                                        ACTIONS
    Install Phase                            46498/46498 
    PHASE                                          ITEMS
    Package State Update Phase                   169/169 
    Image State Update Phase                         2/2 
    Installation: Succeeded