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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

Extended Accounting on a System With Zones Installed

The extended accounting subsystem collects and reports information for the entire system (including non-global zones) when run in the global zone. The global administrator can also determine resource consumption on a per-zone basis.

The extended accounting subsystem permits different accounting settings and files on a per-zone basis for process-based and task-based accounting. The exacct records can be tagged with the zone name EXD PROC ZONENAME for processes, and the zone name EXD TASK ZONENAME for tasks. Accounting records are written to the global zone's accounting files as well as the per-zone accounting files. The EXD TASK HOSTNAME, EXD PROC HOSTNAME, and EXD HOSTNAME records contain the uname –n value for the zone in which the process or task executed instead of the global zone's node name.