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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

Creating, Revising, and Deleting Non-Global Zone Configurations

For Instructions
Configure a non-global zone.
Use the zonecfg command to create a zone, verify the configuration, and commit the configuration. You can also use a script to configure and boot multiple zones on your system.
You can use the zonecfg command to display the configuration of a non-global zone.
Modify a zone configuration.
Use these procedures to modify a resource type in a zone configuration, modify a property type such as the name of a zone, or add a dedicated device to a zone.
Revert a zone configuration or delete a zone configuration.
Use the zonecfg command with the revert subcommand to undo a resource setting made to a zone configuration or to delete a zone configuration.
Delete a zone configuration.
Use the zonecfg command with the delete subcommand to delete a zone configuration from the system.