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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: April 2019

Creating a Golden Zone

# zonecfg -z z1-golden 'create -t z1; set zonepath=/zones/z1-golden'
# zoneadm -z z1 shutdown
# zoneadm -z z1-golden clone z1
# zoneadm -z z1 boot

To create a copy of your golden zone, z1-golden:

# zonecfg -z z2 'create -t z1-golden; set zonepath=/zones/z2'
# zoneadm -z z2 clone z1-golden

You do not have to shut down the source zone during cloning. Because you have never booted z1-golden, it has diverged very little from the snapshots used to create it. Thus, the cost of z1-golden is likely less than 1 megabyte of disk space. As new boot environments are created, z1-golden will get new boot environments at only the cost of the disk space used by the updated packages.