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Securing the Network in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: April 2019

Working With IP Filter Rule Sets

    You might want to modify or deactivate packet filtering and NAT rules under the following circumstances:

  • For testing purposes

  • To troubleshoot system problems when you think the problems are caused by IP Filter

The following task map lists the procedures associated with IP Filter rule sets.

Table 6  Working With IP Filter Rule Sets Task Map
For Instructions
View the active packet filtering rule set.
View an inactive packet filtering rule set.
Activate a different active rule set.
Remove a rule set.
Add rules to the rule sets.
Move between active and inactive rule sets.
Delete an inactive rule set from the kernel.
View active NAT rules.
Remove NAT rules.
Add rules to active NAT rules.
View active address pools.
Remove an address pool.
Add rules to an address pool.