Part A: Setting Up Offer Information

Chapter 1: Introducing Offer and Source Codes

Chapter 2: Working with Offers (WOFR)

Chapter 3: Working with Season Codes (WSEA)

Chapter 4: Working with Promotion Values (WPRO)

Chapter 5: Working with Source Categories (WSCT)

Chapter 6: Working with Source Codes (WSRC)

Chapter 7: Working with Dollar Chart by Offer (WDCO)

Chapter 8: Working with Dollar Chart by Source Code (WDCS)

Chapter 9: Initializing an Offer (MOFI)

Chapter 10: Working with Special Pricing by Source Code (WSPP)

Chapter 11: Working with List Source Codes (WLSR)

Chapter 12: Working with Recency Codes (WRCC)

Chapter 13: Generating Source Codes Using the Source Code Work File (WSRW)

Chapter 14: Creating and Using Single-Use Promotion Codes

Part B: Setting Up Pricing Information

Chapter 15: Available Discounts and Promotions

Chapter 16: Work with Promotional Pricing Groups (WPRG)

Chapter 17: Work with Promotional Pricing (WPRP)

Chapter 18: Working with Upsell Promotions (WUPE)

Chapter 19: Working with Price Codes (WPCD)

Chapter 20: Assigning Price Codes (APCD)

Chapter 21: Working with Price Tables (WPTB)

Chapter 22: Package Insert Processing (WPIP)

Chapter 23: Working with Coupon Promotions (WCPR)

Chapter 24: Working with Order Telemarketing Specials (WOTS)

Part C: Setting Up Forecasting Information

Chapter 25: Introducing Forecasting

Chapter 26: Working with Projection Curves (WCRV)

Chapter 27: Working with Forecasts (WFCS)

Chapter 28: Inventory Status Inquiry (ISIQ)

Chapter 29: Working with Active Offers (WACO)

Chapter 30: Forecasting Reports

Chapter 31: Forerunner IF/SO Interface (EFOR, DFOR)

Chapter 32: Generating the Forecast*21 Interface (GFOR)

Chapter 33: Initializing the IS Report (IISR)

Chapter 34: Inventory Status/Projection Inquiry (ISPI)

Chapter 35: Display Forecast (DFCS)

Part D: Using House List

Chapter 36: Working with Drops (WHLS)

Chapter 37: Working with Merge/Purge Sold-to Names (MMCS)

Chapter 38: Merging and Purging Customer Bill To Names (MMCB)

Chapter 39: Extracting House List Data for FDC

Chapter 40: Working with Direct Tech Tape Upload

Chapter 41: Loading the Prospect Finder File (LPFF)

Chapter 42: Purging the Prospect Finder File (MPFF)

Part E: Using the JC Penney and Spiegel Interfaces

Chapter 43: Overview of the JC Penney Interface

Chapter 44: Working with Source Cross Reference Codes (WSCR)

Chapter 45: Working with SKU Cross Reference Records (WSKR)

Chapter 46: Printing the Backorder Report (PPBO)

Chapter 47: Overview of the Spiegel Interface

Chapter 48: Printing the Held Orders by Pay Type Report (PHOP)

Chapter 49: Display Invoice Cross Reference (DICR)

Chapter 50: Display Order Cross Reference (DOCR)

Chapter 51: Generating Syndication Invoices (MSYN)

Part F: Affinity

Chapter 52: Affinity Add-on Sales

Chapter 53: Work with Item Attributes and Values (WIAT)

Chapter 54: Batch Affinity Updates (MBAU)

Chapter 55: Batch Affinity Preference Updates (MBAP)

Chapter 56: Purging Customer Affinity Files (MPAF)

Chapter 57: Net Perceptions Interface

Chapter 58: PO Receipt of Finished Goods

Chapter 59: Petals PO Receipts

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