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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

Removing a Node From a Cluster

This section provides instructions on how to remove a node on a global cluster or a zone cluster. You can also remove a specific zone cluster from a global cluster. The following table lists the tasks to perform to remove a node from an existing cluster. Perform the tasks in the order shown.


Caution  -  If you remove a node using only this procedure for a RAC configuration, the removal might cause the node to panic during a reboot. For instructions on how to remove a node from a RAC configuration, see How to Remove Support for Oracle RAC From Selected Nodes in Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide. After you complete that process, remove a node for a RAC configuration, follow the appropriate steps below.

Table 15  Task Map: Removing a Node
Move all resource groups and device groups off the node to be removed. If you have a zone cluster, log into the zone cluster and evacuate the zone cluster node that is on the physical node getting removed. Then remove the node from the zone cluster before you bring the physical node down.
If the affected physical node has already failed, simply remove the node from the cluster.
clnode evacuate node-to-remove
Verify that the node can be removed by checking the allowed hosts.
If the node is not listed by the claccess show command, it cannot be removed. Give the node access to the cluster configuration.
claccess show
claccess allow –h node-to-remove
Remove the node from all device groups.
Remove all quorum devices connected to the node being removed.
This step is optional if you are removing a node from a two-node cluster.
Note that although you must remove the quorum device before you remove the storage device in the next step, you can add the quorum device back immediately afterward.
Put the node being removed into noncluster mode.
Remove a node from the cluster software configuration.
(Optional) Uninstall Oracle Solaris Cluster software from a cluster node.