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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

Overview of Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster

The Oracle Solaris Cluster highly available environment ensures that critical applications are available to end users. The system administrator's job is to make sure that the Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration is stable and operational.

Familiarize yourself with the planning information in the following manuals before beginning administration tasks.

Oracle Solaris Cluster administration is organized into tasks among the following manuals.

Note -  Some of these tasks can be done by using the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager browser interface. This is noted in the individual task procedures. For Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager log-in instructions, see How to Access Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager.

In general, you can perform Oracle Solaris Cluster administration tasks while the cluster is operational. If you need take a node out of the cluster or even shut down the node, you can do so while the rest of the nodes continue cluster operations. Unless otherwise indicated, Oracle Solaris Cluster administrative tasks should be performed in the global-cluster node. For those procedures that require the entire cluster to be shut down, minimize impact on the system by scheduling downtime outside normal working hours. If you plan to shut down the cluster or a cluster node, notify users in advance.