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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

How to Configure Masters and Agents

After installing Puppet packages on the master and cluster nodes, you must configure the master and agents. There are two services that are available, as one service for the master and another service for agents.

  1. Configure the master.
    master:~# svcs -a | grep puppet
    disabled       16:04:54 svc:/application/puppet:agent
    disabled       16:04:55 svc:/application/puppet:master
    master:~# svccfg -s puppet:master setprop config/server=master
    master:~# svcadm enable puppet:master
    master:~# svcs puppet:master
    STATE         STIME    FMRI
    online        17:38:42 svc:/application/puppet:master
  2. Configure agent smfservice on agent.
    schost1.example.com:~# svccfg -s puppet:agent setprop config/server=master
    schost1.example.com:~# svccfg -s puppet:agent refresh
  3. Test the connection to the master from the agent by using the puppet agent command with the --test option.
    schost1.example.com:~# puppet agent --test
    Info: csr_attributes file loading from /etc/puppet/csr_attributes.yaml
    Info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for schost1.example.com
    Info: Certificate Request fingerprint (SHA256): E0:1D:0F:18:72:B7:CE:A7:83:E4:48
    Exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled
  4. List and sign the certificate from the client on Puppet master.
    master:~# puppet cert list
      "schost1.example.com" (SHA256) E0:1D:0F:18:72:B7:CE:A7:83:E4:48 :D5:F8:93:36:15:55:
    0A:B9:C8 :E5:B1:CE:D9:3E:0A:68:01:BE:F7:76:47
    master:~# puppet cert sign schost
    Notice: Signed certificate request for schost1.example.com
    Notice: Removing file Puppet:SSL:CertificateRequest agent at '/etc/puppet/ssl/ca/requests/solaris.pem'
  5. Verify the connection to agent schost1.example.com to confirm the authentication was set up correctly.
    schost1.example.com:~# puppet agent --test
    Info: Caching certificate for schost1.example.com
    Info: Caching certificate_revocation_list for ca
    Info: Caching certificate for schost1.example.com
    Info: Retrieving plugin
    Info: Caching catalog for schost1.example.com
    Info: Applying configuration version '1400782295'
    Notice: Finished catalog run in 0.18 seconds
  6. Enable the agent service.
    schost1.example.com:~# svcadm enable puppet:agent
    schost1.example.com:~# svcs puppet:agent
    STATE         STIME    FMRI
    online        18:20:32 svc:/application/puppet:agent

    If you encounter any issues while configuring the setup, refer to Troubleshooting Issues With Puppet in Oracle Solaris. (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37838_01/html/E72062/gqqtd.html).