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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

How to Use Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) with Cluster Interconnects

  1. Contact your network system administrator to configure the network switch side LACP configuration.
  2. Type the following commands, using your network interfaces.
    # dladm show-phys
    # dladm create-aggr -m trunk -L active -P L3,L4 -l net1 -l net3 aggr2
    # dladm create-vlan -l aggr2 -v 2853 ic1
    # dladm show-aggr -x
    # dladm show-vlan
  3. Use the ic1 vnic interface created in step 2 when configuring transports.

    Transports can be configured using scinstall or the browser interface.