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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

How to Remove a Node From a zpool Device Group

Use this procedure to remove a cluster node from the list of potential primaries of a zpool device group.

  1. Assume the root role or a role that provides solaris.cluster.read and solaris.cluster.modify authorization on a node in the cluster.
  2. Verify that the node being removed is still a member of the device group's node list and that the device group type is zpool.
    phys-schost-1# cldevicegroup show devicegroup
    === Device Groups ===
    Device Group Name:                              gpool
       Type:                                            ZPOOL
       failback:                                        false
       Node List: phys-schost-2,phys-schost-1
       preferenced:                                     false
       autogen:                                         false
       numsecondaries:                                  0
       ZFS pool name:                                   gpool
       poolaccess:                                      global
       readonly:                                        false
       import-at-boot:                                  false
       searchpaths:                                     /dev/dsk 
  3. Ensure that the node being removed is not the primary of the device group.
    phys-schost-1# cldevicegroup status gpool
    === Cluster Device Groups ===
    --- Device Group Status ---
    Device Group Name     Primary           Secondary           Status
    -----------------     -------     ---------     ------
    gpool                 phys-schost-2     phys-schost-1       Online 
  4. Remove the node from the device group.
    phys-schost-1# cldevicegroup remove-node -n phys-schost-1 gpool