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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

Adding a Node to a Cluster or Zone Cluster

This section describes how to add a node to a global cluster or a zone cluster. You can create a new zone-cluster node on a node of the global cluster that hosts the zone cluster, as long as that global-cluster node does not already host a node of that particular zone cluster.

Note -  The node that you add must run the same version of the Oracle Solaris Cluster software as the cluster it is joining.

Specifying an IP address and NIC for each zone cluster node is optional.

Note -  If you do not configure an IP address for each zone cluster node, two things will occur:
  1. That specific zone cluster will not be able to configure NAS devices for use in the zone cluster. The cluster uses the IP address of the zone cluster node when communicating with the NAS device, so not having an IP address prevents cluster support for fencing NAS devices.

  2. The cluster software will activate any logical host IP address on any NIC.

If the original zone cluster node did not have a IP address or NIC specified, then you do not need to specify that information for the new zone cluster node.

In this chapter, phys-schost# reflects a global-cluster prompt. The clzonecluster interactive shell prompt is clzc:schost>.

The following table lists the tasks to perform to add a node to an existing cluster. Perform the tasks in the order shown.

Table 14  Task Map: Adding a Node to an Existing Global or Zone Cluster
Install the host adapter on the node and verify that the existing cluster interconnects can support the new node
Add shared storage
Add shared storage manually by following the instructions in the Managing Hardware With Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4.
You can also use Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager to add a shared storage device to a zone cluster. Navigate in Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager to the page for the zone cluster and click the Solaris Resources tab. For Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager log-in instructions, see How to Access Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager.
Add the node to the authorized node list
claccess allow -h node-being-added
Install the software on the new cluster node
Add the new node to an existing cluster
If the cluster is configured in an Oracle Solaris Cluster disaster recovery framework partnership, configure the new node as an active participant in the configuration