The Initiating a Return section shows a simple example of returning an order in which all of the items are returnable. Under certain circumstances, however, individual items or whole orders are not eligible for return.

In Oracle ATG Web Commerce, an order is not eligible for return if:

  • The order includes one or more shipping groups that have not been fulfilled.

  • The order includes no returnable items, or all of its returnable items have already been returned.

In addition, Commerce Reference Store considers an order ineligible for return if:

  • The current site is not in the same sharing group as the site the order was placed on. (In this case, the customer can just navigate to the site the order was placed on, or to a site in the same sharing group, and then initiate the return.)

  • The order was placed more than 90 days ago. See Order Placed Too Long Ago.

Even if an order is eligible for return, some of the items in the order may not be. Nonreturnable items are discussed in Order Includes Nonreturnable Items.

When a customer views an order on the Order Detail page, logic on this page (store.war/myaccount/orderDetail.jsp) evaluates whether part or all of the order is eligible for return. If any part of the order is eligible, the page displays the Return Items button for initiating a return. If the order contains no returnable items, or the order itself is not returnable, the button is not displayed. Instead, the page includes a message indicating why the order cannot be returned.

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