In Experience Manager, Commerce Reference Store defines a browse page, accessed via the /browse URL, as its starting point for page-based queries. The browse page has a single Endeca content slot for items of type Page. Commerce Reference Store configures this slot to get its content from the /content/Web/Web Browse Pages content collection.

The Web Browse Pages content collection contains two items: Category Page and Default Browse Page. The Category Page item is triggered when the query is composed solely of a dimension value from the Category dimension. The Default Browse Page is triggered for all other conditions. Both pages use the TwoColumnPage template with its three sections, HeaderContent, SecondaryContent, and MainContent. However, the cartridges included in the three sections are slightly different.

Note: Any mechanism that generates links for the browse page must use the /browse URL. (Note that a different URL is configured for the browse page for mobile applications.) Commerce Reference Store cartridge handlers use the /atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/manager/DefaultActionPathProvider component provided with the ATG Platform to generate these links properly. See Controlling How Cartridges Generate URLs in the Endeca Integration Guide for more information on this component.

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